Window stickers QVS-SALES-42

Medium: 48,5cm X 70cm
Large: 70cm X 101cm

Add your preferable amount of discount to the notes.
For more dimensions and colors contact us.

Production time:   2 - 5   days

Window stickers for Discounts, Offers, Black Friday and more.
If you want some changes in the percentage or in the texts, you can write them in the comments so that we can adjust the design as you wish.
The value in relation to the change of dimension, is calculated based on the largest value.
Example: Sticker with small dimension 60cm X 40cm and large dimension 120cm X 80cm If you want to change the dimension to a sticker 60cm X 40cm which is the small one, to 70cm X 50Cm, then you have to select the big one and write the dimension you want.
The largest dimension is the one mentioned in the Large Size.