Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the following terms that govern the use of our website and our online store.

By continuing to use, browse or purchase through our website or our online store, you unconditionally accept, without any exception, all the conditions listed below.

1. Company Name: QVision sa
Address: 3, Alexandrou Papagou 3, 56123 Thessaloniki, Greece
VAT No: 999717785
VAT Auth: FAE Thessaloniki
Tel. : +30 2310 736672
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Email: sales@qvision.gr

2. Guarantee of data security and confidentiality
Our Company, in order to ensure the proper use and integrity of your personal data as well as to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, deletion, alteration or other use thereof, applies appropriate internal policies, while taking all appropriate organizational, technical , physical, electronic and procedural security measures, as well as technological standards, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The process of data processing by our Company is carried out in a way that ensures the privacy and physical and logical security thereof, taking into account the latest developments, the cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing, as well as risks of varying likelihood and severity to your rights and freedoms;

Our Company has adopted and applied since the establishment and start of operation of our online platform all the security safeguards, which are now established by regulation 2016/679 of the EU (General Data Protection Regulation). It will certainly continue to act and operate in accordance with the current national legislation, Law 2472/1997, Law 3471/2006 and the Decisions and Instructions of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the European Data Protection Regulation.

3. Your personal data and information
The collection and processing is limited exclusively to the data and information, which you provide us with your express consent and which are deemed absolutely necessary for updating or even purchasing the products that interest you. Accordingly, for those looking for work or investigating commercial cooperation with our Company, those information and data that allow the achievement of the above purpose are deemed necessary.

This data is collected through the contact form, the registration form to create an account and the address form found on our Company's website, by e-mail, and in some cases also by telephone. They mainly extend (indicative and not limiting) to the full name, the contact telephone number and the electronic and postal address.

2.1 For what purposes and actions do we collect your data?
The purposes and actions for which we collect and process data, with your consent, consist of:

- Sending updates / newsletters, promotional material and information about the Company, our products and our services

- Update on new services and features of the Website and other social media

-Maintenance by our company of a database

-Collection, registration, storage, updating (renewal and alteration), retrieval, use, transmission (dissemination, provision and access), blocking and deletion

-Processing and execution of offer and order

-Customer management, including but not limited to orders, payments and other transactional data

- Optimizing customer service, including but not limited to identifying needs, preferences and opinions and optimizing interactions

- Optimizing our services

Furthermore, we collect and process data, beyond your consent, only when this is required by law or at the request of prosecutorial or judicial authorities.

Our Company collects and processes personal data of its users - customers only for the aforementioned purposes and only to the extent necessary to effectively serve these purposes. This data is always relevant, convenient and no more than is required in view of the above purposes, and it is accurate and, if necessary, submitted for updating.

2.3 Who may your personal data be shared with?
Exclusively and only to employees, partners, or subcontractors of our Company, who process them for the purpose of implementing our mediation services.

In addition to the above, we never assign, transfer, share or distribute data to any third party, unless this is imposed on us by the Law or the Authorities.

In the event that it is required by a court or other administrative authority, as well as in any other case where it has a legal obligation to do so, our Company may provide your personal data to the extent provided by law, but after informing you.

2.4 Personal information and data we receive about you from third parties
In the event that data from third-party data controllers come into our possession within the framework of cooperation, the responsibility for securing your consent rests with the third-party data controller. Our company's constant pursuit is to establish and check that the processing of data has been done with